Kitty & Jodie [The Channon, NSW]

‘Life is Golden’

When the invites went out everyone was instructed to wear gold. These two wanted to celebrate how golden life is by getting married on their property in front of their tribe - both biological & chosen. The day before the wedding one of the largest storms of the season ripped through the town cutting off power & water to their property. But everything went on as planned and they got married in gold. Kitty’s outfit was gold with a hint of champagne, as you will see in the photos :) It was a unique opportunity for me as this is the first wedding I’ve photographed that was purely candid, no direction or ‘posed’ images at all. Make sure you watch the little film at the bottom to hear one of their friends heartfelt reading at the ceremony, talking about about love & human rights. Life truly is golden!

Miriam Ackroyd