Cesarean birth


‘The wound is the place where the light enters you' Rumi

APRIL - CESAREAN AWARENESS MONTH. It’s quite ironic really that wounds are always associated with pain, trauma, grief & loss. But this wound, this small incision, it cuts through the layers to the core of a woman and brings life to both the mother and baby. My first born, who just happens to be an April baby, was born by cesarean section. His birth has shaped me as a mother & midwife in so many ways. It was an empowering & beautiful birth experience. It wasn’t the birth I had chosen but it was the birth that chose me. At the time I felt the whole theatre room was there for me, like I was the most important person in the world. So this is how I practice as a midwife. No matter what kind of birth a woman is having I treat her like she is a queen, the most important person in the world at that very moment. I’ve since gone on to have two beautiful water births at home but in no way were these birth experiences superior to my first. Him & his birth made me a mother. Worldwide the cesarean section rate is far higher than is should/needs to be, no arguments about it. Unnecessary cesarean sections hurt women & somewhat writes the rest of their reproductive history. Women feel bullied into having them & hurt in both body & mind as they recover from the trauma, on top of becoming a mother. But cesarean sections also saves lives & help women heal from traumatic life experiences. It’s also just how some women choose to give birth, and rightly so, it is each woman’s choice. To all the cesarean section mums out there, may you know the power of your wound. You created & birthed life, you are a superwoman & you & your birth is part of your legacy ♥️ thank you dear Rachel for letting me document & celebrate the beautiful birth of your son.

Miriam Ackroyd