Beautiful parts


I often find unused dark areas of a room that has the most delicious light streaming through a window. Women comment regularly that they’ve never seen that light or in Lauren’s case, she said it’s the only corner of the house she didn’t clean before I arrived. But maybe that’s the point, that we all can help each other to look for the light when we can’t see it & let others see our dirty bare bones. Because only you can tell the story the way you are telling it, only you. And unbeknownst to you, you could be a lifeline to someone who is sinking. She didn’t plan to sit in the dirt & let her son throw her gorgeous mane of hair around. But she did. She let the sun pierce her while she showed me her bare bones. She later told me she felt heard & understood. I too felt heard & understood in that space. She also told me that patience wasn’t her strong point. But that’s all I saw. Let’s tell of the beautiful parts of each other we don’t see in ourselves.

Miriam Ackroyd