Me with my 3 little men (Harper, Ziggy & Scout)

Me with my 3 little men (Harper, Ziggy & Scout)

‘Miriam, I feel as though you have journeyed through some pretty big moments in my life with us and grateful you have captured them. Captured them in a way that’s respectful and goes beyond the lens and beyond an image and peeks into an essence, a rawness and vulnerability, beyond the smoke and mirrors and bullshit facades we all put up’ Chantel

‘Over the years Miriam has taken many photographs of our family. Each session has been entirely different with the exception of one thing, the anchoring presence of Miriam herself. She has a canny ability to adjust her style to the unknowns of the light and the weather, temperamental children and animals and awkward parents. The way Miriam documents life is like a hyper-reality, like nostalgic childhood memories or vivid dreams, she seems to be able to capture a mood that goes beyond the purely physical to the sometimes surreal, heart-wrenching, soulful, fleeting and magical moments that momentarily interrupt daily life. Some of the pictures she's given me have been lifelines in some of the most difficult moments of my life. There's a particular photo of me bathing my little girl that I looked at a lot when I was preparing to give birth to my son because in moments of doubt it really reminds me of the mother I have inside me. Her images validate our way of life and I know my appreciation will only grow more as the years pass and I look back with on affection on the days that were’ Emma



The core of my work is centred around creating imagery that contributes to the legacy of who you are & what you did on this crazy place called Earth. Dappled light & dancing shadows are my love language. I’m an alchemist who uses light & authenticity to tell the story of you – whether it be the day you say I do or a day when you’re deep in the throes of the beautiful mess called parenthood. Time has shown me that what I stand for in both business & life are firmly intertwined – serving people & telling truth. Much of my work is centred around documenting the motherhood journey. I’ve sat with women in oceans, on bathroom floors & in dark corners of their homes with light pouring in windows exposing dirt & bare bones. I’ve listened to the moans of grief & loss. I’ve danced & cried with both women who want to be heard & those that don’t feel worthy of being heard. Their stories are stored safely in the vault of my heart but also displayed openly in the imagery they allow me to create & share. The same principles apply when photographing weddings – serving my clients & telling the truth of their journey to the now.


About me… I strive to live a life uncommon; I am a wife & mother; I savour life intensely; I love passionately; I am slightly obsessed with the Beatles; I collect vinyl records; yellow wildflowers make my soul sing; and I believe imperfection is utterly beautiful.

What’s in a name?

Well to me, a lot. Deciding on a name for your business is so personal, and kind of important. It was so hard for me, because for me it’s not just a business. My personal life, my beliefs, my art, my clients, my visions - they all kind of intertwine together. My business name use to be different. It was something else I use to be. It was the beginning of my becoming as a photographer. But 10 years later it just didn’t fit right anymore. I had changed dramatically, so had my work. It will be forever changing of course, but not too far from the foundation it’s on now. I sat on it for over 6 months, the name change thing. I weighed up the pros and cons of changing my name when I was already known as something. Then one day it came and didn’t leave. I was asked to photograph a family that was saying goodbye to their baby girl; who for many reasons I won’t share was leaving with her adoptive parents that afternoon. I photographed her mum and dad in hospital saying goodbye to their sweet girl. As a mother I can only imagine the gut wrenching pain this would cause. But I watched her mum and dad humbly and gracefully bathe her, dress her and love her. Of course you could see the sadness, but that wasn’t the tangible feeling in the room. What were tangible was love and hope and promise. It was after that the name & life is beautiful was born. Because life is beautiful. It’s also rough and hard and painful, but more importantly it’s oh so beautiful. I have since photographed the funeral of this sweet little girl. I think about her family all the time. This family will forever hold a place in my heart.